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I don't know if this is for you, but...

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

...would you like your kid to leave the house for a hot second so you can think a thought to completion? Ok well DUH we all want that.

My oldest son is entering high school. Gross. (I can't possibly be that old, right?) His main after school activity is running. He just got back from a week of cross country camp and it was his first time being gone from home that long without either my husband or myself. I had ZERO worries. My trust was rooted in that I knew he was with coaches who care about him as a person and have proven to be well-rounded, and emotionally balanced adults. I can't tell you how much peace that brings, to know that there are other adults my kid looks up to and is proud to know. Kids NEED these relationships to help them form a healthy identity and self-esteem as well as provide reduced engagement with high-risk behaviors. The research keeps going and going into all of the social and emotional benefits children gain from healthy adult relationships. That, and I know if I ask Coach Tyler to suggest to my child that deodorant is necessary he might actually listen and use it. Ha!

Quite honestly this is why I take my own role as a dance instructor who works with school aged kiddos very seriously. The benefits of dance training are multi-faceted and worthy even if the teacher only communicates technique. It is a creative way to get your couch potato moving and into some physical exercise. It teaches discipline and hard work. Dance classes boost your mood and cognitive function. Outside of these wonderful benefits, more often than not, I find myself as a listening ear to the student's life stories both good and bad. I've also had their parents ask me to tell little Suzy something because we all know kids won't listen to mom (thank you Coach Tyler).

So. I don't know if dance and performance will be your child's passion, BUT, it might be! While your kiddo is getting fit and feeling happy, you can rest in glorious silence, knowing that if all you really need is another trusted adult to tell your kid to do their homework or wear deodorant, we've got your back. :)

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