We will send you a 24 hour reminder text and another one in the afternoon. 

When the kids come, have them wear comfortable clothes they can move in and socks and tennis shoes as we will be outside.

If you need directions or have questions don't hesitate to reach out!

(810) 214-0140



"...We love this dance family. The instructors are well certified, enthusiastic, and caring.  Whether you’re competing or dancing for fun, theDanceLab will teach you the proper dance techniques in a knowledge appropriate setting that will also provide the dancer with many lifelong memories and skills."


"My daughter has been dancing here for over 9 years and we love it! It has been a safe place for her to learn and grow. The cost of dance lessons are nothing compared to what she has gained: confidence, self discipline and resiliency. Ms. Hannah, Ms. Claire and Ms. Kristin are the best! 💕"


"We love theDanceLab! My girls started in 2012 and we have never been disappointed. They have wonderful instructors that are always kind, encouraging and helpful. They know all the dancers by name and it feels more like a dance family than just a studio. We will never go anywhere else."